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Within the healthcare industry, VCP experience is unparalleled. Our team of consultants are experts at contingency planning and labor relations. We have the experience and skills necessary to prepare your health system or facility for the many variables that may occur during the whole life cycle of negotiations.

Hospitality & Property Management

VCP has designed successful strategies for employers through contentious negotiations and labor actions within the hospitality and property management industry. Our planning efforts led our clients to a position where they could bargain from positions of strength, which led to the negotiation of “winning” collective bargaining agreements.

Business & Industry

VCP has helped various employers plan on how to thrive through contentious negotiations. Our services kept the employer’s goals in sight at all times with the appropriate messaging and preparations for potential labor actions. Our clients were able to protect their business operations at their most important time of the fiscal year. At their conclusion, we’re proud to say that fair collective bargaining agreements were achieved.